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 Cindy Greene             

Summertime is always such a wonderful time of making memories with school being out and taking vacations, celebrating fun holidays, beautiful beach weather, and so much more!

Summer is also the time that ACRA has its annual membership drive.  And if you are receiving this edition of the FTR, that means you have renewed your 2019-2010 ACRA membership.  ACRA Vice President & Membership Chair Jennifer Kissic has been working hard to get renewal notices out and membership certificates.  If you have a co-worker or colleague who is not a current member of ACRA or hasn’t renewed their membership, please remind them to do so.  They don’t want to miss out on the benefits of being an ACRA member, especially at this critical time of so much going on in our profession statewide and nationwide.

Summer is also the time that NCRA holds their annual convention.  This year, the NCRA Annual Convention was held in Denver, Colorado.  Cyndi Tumlin and Sabrina Lewis were ACRA’s delegates at the National Council of State Associations. There was a good number of ACRA members in attendance in Denver.  Be sure to see the photos in this edition of For the Record.

The end of summer is a time for getting ready to go back to school.  This part of summer brings so many feelings of joy, excitement, anticipation, maybe even sadness and a bit of anxiety.  For so many of us, it’s a time to start a brand newyear – school year, that is.  I would like to encourage you to grab a fellow court reporter and get the word out about our career by setting up a booth at a local school career fair, business class, etc.  Students love to see what we do, and most people have never heard of court reporting.  If you need advice on ideas or content, please do not hesitate to contact Debbie Isbell or myself.  We’ll be happy to direct you in the right direction.    

Now that the school year has begun, it’s also time for all Alabama court reporters to renew our license.  Everyone should have received information from the Alabama Board of Court Reporting announcing renewal time is here and explained the renewal process.  I usually wait closer to September 30th of each year to renew my license.  But, this year, I went ahead and renewed right after receiving my email from ABCR.  As I filled out the form with my information, I received notice that I have been selected for audit.  I just followed the instructions in the email, printed the renewal form, attached my documents verifying that I have earned my CEs (continuing education hours), and mailed to ABCR.  So if you are one of the small percentage that gets audited this year, know that it is an easy process and doesn’t take very much of your time.  

Speaking of CEs, ACRA President-Elect & Convention Chair Cyndi Tumlin is working hard on ACRA’s annual conference that’s coming up in January.  It will be held in Birmingham January 23-25, 2020.  It’s not only an opportunity to earn valuable CEs with amazing speakers, but also a great time to network with fellow court reporters across the state.  Be sure to save the date, because you definitely don’t want to miss it!

This summer has been a difficult time for me personally.  My dad was diagnosed in June with lung cancer and passed away a couple of weeks later.  Needless to say, it’s been really, really tough at times.  I am so thankful for family and friends who reached out to me with a call, text, FB post, card, etc., and especially my court reporter friends.  I feel so blessed to have so many caring and thoughtful friends within ACRA – special friends who truly feel like family.  

As summer draws closer to an end with cooler mornings and the sun setting just a little bit earlier each day, remember the power of a kind word, gesture, or an ear to listen – the power to make a difference in someone’s day, maybe even their life!

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