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After some fear that we’d never see warm weather here to stay, we’ve finally made it to warmer days with cool breezes.  I hope you all have been doing well since our last meeting here within the pages of this newsletter.

May is Certification Appreciation Month for NCRA.  Our national association will be encouraging members to go for their next certification and will also be celebrating those members with certifications. Anyone who has obtained a certification from NCRA knows exactly how tough those credentials can be to obtain. But, boy, the feeling you have when you realize you’ve passed is incredibly rewarding.  Realtime Coach is a great tool that I learned about when I attended the national convention last year.  NCRA now tests using Realtime Coach as the proctor.  This allows you to test in an environment where you are most comfortable and allows more testing opportunities.  I am contemplating a membership so I can go for my next certification.  I am guilty of having passed a portion of it and then never followed up.  Our lives seem to run at the speed of light these days, but I am reminding myself and you that as important as our careers are to us, we need to put in the time to reach for that next certification.  Having certifications can definitely give you an advantage in this profession.  So let’s encourage each other to apply the practice techniques we learned from Ed Varallo at “Write Your Future” and go after our next certification!

Speaking of NCRA, remember that just as Your ACRA needs You to be an active member, NCRA does too.  We have a voice in every organization wherein we are members.  Our voices are more powerful than we realize.  We must stay updated about what is happening on state level and also national level.  As members, it is our privilege as well as our duty to keep ourselves informed of what’s happening and speak up if we disagree with the direction being taken.

You may be thinking that this edition has come out a little sooner than usual.  That’s because our editor, Amy Holland, worked very hard and put this edition out so that we could enjoy it while she’s off enjoying her new bundle of joy on maternity leave.  Thank you, Amy, for your dedication to ACRA.  And congratulations on the precious baby with which you have been gifted!

I was able to attend the April meeting of ABCR.  Hopefully everyone knows that that is our licensure board.  I can personally attest to the fact that we have a dedicated board that is working very hard on our behalves.  I was impressed with the orderly way they conduct their business. My takeaway was that they are protective of our profession.  I know it’s a pain to shell out that extra $208 for the yearly license, but please change your thinking.  Our licensure protects our jobs.  It holds us all to a higher standard by making us earn continuing education instead of falling behind on new technology and practices.  It gave the officials the backbone they needed when they were lobbying for a long overdue pay raise.  Licensure also protects us from reporters who have unethical practices or who are not up to the challenge of reporting.  Focus on the positives when you pay your licensure dues and support ABCR.  One important thing that I was reminded of at their meeting was that if you learn of a reporter who is not in compliance with the rules and regulations of licensure, you must report it.  If you do not, you could be in violation yourself. I don’t think any of us want to risk our own licenses by ignoring someone blatantly violating the rules.

As we move into summer, I hope you will stay well and blessed.  I hope you enjoy this edition.  If you have anything to contribute, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact your district director and they will help you.  Thank you as always for your continued support of ACRA!



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